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2018-10-21 13:39
API 6A Equipments
Typical Wellhead
Thermal Recovery Wellhead



·Working pressure:2000PSI~5000PSI
·Nominal diameter:2-1/16”~4-1/16”
·Temperature rating:-18℃~180℃(X Grade),-18℃~345℃(Y Grade)
·Material class:AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH
·Product specification level:PSL1~4
·Performance requirment:PR1~2
·Working medium:Heavy oil, high saturated steam

·Suitable for heavy oil, super heavy oil production by steam injection;
·Design of the barestem sealing device, not only can the sealing barestem, and the hanging rod, convenient replacement of packing of the barestem;
·Equipped with a steam injection pipe, steam injection can realize positive cycle and reverse circulation;
·Valve sealing parts and hanger are metal sealing, good sealing performance, long service life;
·The main parts made of forging alloy steel for high performance, safe and reliable work;
·Design according to API 6A standard, has good interchangeability.


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